Virtual reality rental for events is fast and easy. Rent VR for any event with delivery and support.

With RoarFun VR rental you can get an unforgettable virtual reality experience that will take you to immersive interactive worlds. Virtual Reality experiences can be customized according to your preferences – whether integrating with your business brand or focusing on a specific theme.

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Virtual jump into Another World

Rent VR for company party in EU Italy Austria Germany. VR rental for celebration.


VR Racing Simulator


VR Flight Simulator


VR Shooting zombies



Chernobyl VR

Apollo 11 VR

VR SHAKE - vibration vest for take-off

Dancing VR

 VR SHAKE - vibration vest



Everest VR

Selection of 50+ interactive worlds

Virtual Reality rental for company event in UK. Rental VR for party in London Berlin Rome Vienna.

Design and Portability

Virtual Reality has nice aesthetics and fits anywhere


We disinfect the VR glasses after each use

Large Screen

for participants who are enjoying to watch gameplay

50+ Games

specially picked for company events

Thematic VR

we can prepare VR games according to event theme

Rent Virtual Reality
for your events
fast and easy

With RoarFun virtual reality, you will get incredible experiences

You can hire virtual reality with 6 branding options, support and delivery anywhere in the EU

We delivered VR experiences for different brands and are ready to bring your vision to life

We can add your logo inside racing or flying experiences - so emotional and memorable

You can try out Virtual Reality for free at the RoarFun ShowRoom

Choose from a range of VR events

Designed to meet any requirements and group sizes

VR Fun (up to 50 people)

VR Fun is ideal for smaller events – celebrations, team-building, or family gatherings. Let participants experience the possibilities of virtual reality in a cosy setting.

From 690 EUR

VR Expert (50-500 people)

VR Expert suits medium-sized events like company parties, weddings, or conferences. Create an immersive atmosphere with customized attractions and a wide selection of VR experiences.

From 1700 EUR

VR Ultra (500+ people)

VR Ultra is for big events and celebrations where you want to engage as many people as possible in a big crowd. Go beyond and show participants what the virtual world offers, including branding options and competition screens.

From 2700 EUR
Customization to fit your specific needs and requirements is also available - contact us at and power your dreams with a custom order.

VR rental details: 

Virtual Reality Fun

The Virtual Reality Fun hire provides all the essentials to host a VR experience with limited space or budget. It’s suitable for private events and team building with up to 50 participants. It’s a good choice for parties, kids’ celebrations, birthdays, and family gatherings. VR Fun is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. Games selection with VR rental Fun varies depending on event themes and includes racing, shooting, flying, sci-fi, space sports, etc. VR Experiences are also available> the Chornobyl VR experience, the Batman VR experience, the Everest VR experience, etc.

VR Fun rental is recommended for: events with up to 50 participants.

VR Fun rental price: starting from 690 EUR.

VR Fun rental is suitable for: indoor and outdoor use.

For VR Fun rental you need to arrange: 220 V power supply, 2m x 2m space.

Virtual Reality Expert

Virtual Reality Expert is the most popular selection. It’s a good pick for promotional events and company celebrations with up to 500 people. Expert Virtual Reality is also an excellent option for larger parties, celebrations, and weddings.

VR hire Expert is recommended for: events with 50 – 500 participants.

VR hire Expert price: starting from 1700 EUR.

VR hire Expert is suitable for: indoor and outdoor use.

For VR hire Expert you need to arrange: 220 V power supply, 5m x 2m space.

Virtual Reality Ultra

The VR Ultra hire is suitable for events with an expected huge crowd. Ultra VR experiences are designed for a quick turnover time. Include branding options and competition possibilities

VR rental Ultra is recommended for: events with 500+ participants.

VR rental Ultra price: starting from 2700 EUR.

VR rental Ultra is suitable for: indoor and outdoor use.

For VR Ultra rental you need to arrange: 220 V power supply, 10m x 2m space.

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Professional virtual reality for your event in Prague, London, Berlin, Rome VR rental

FAQ for a virtual reality hire:

Where do you offer delivery for virtual reality rental?

We can provide virtual reality rental fast anywhere in Europe, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Stuttgart Vienna, Milan, Prague, Munich, London, etc. Prices are calculated individually based on distance and delivery time. For countries outside of Europe – the UK, UAE, and the USA- we use commercial delivery companies, thus being able to provide our professional VR rental services worldwide. Please get in touch with us for a quote, and we will do our best to help.

Can you add our logo to virtual reality software?

We have different options to add your logo, text, photo or flag. Some variations include placing your logo inside the virtual racing car or airplane, outside the virtual racing car, on the virtual racing track, or on the competition screen. We have a commercial license to provide this service for any event. For more details, please visit the page – Emotional branding.

How much does it cost to rent virtual reality?

Virtual Reality rental price starts from 690 EUR – and vary based on the equipment, location, and event time. For orders outside of the EU, taxes may apply. We would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding calculation based on your requirements.

Will you also provide staff to support the virtual reality?

Yes, our staff will handle the virtual reality setup, answer any questions, and help to organize a competition. Our entire team is fluent in English. For more details, please visit the page – RoarFun Wizards.

How much space does the virtual reality need?

The space required for virtual reality depends on your selection and the screen size. The smallest VR option needs approximately 1.5×1.5 meters, while the largest VR experience requires about 3×3 meters per VR station.

Can we rent virtual reality for an outdoor event?

Yes, it is possible to use our virtual reality experience outside. For an outdoor event, please make sure you can provide adequate shelter, such as a tent or roof, to protect the VR equipment from direct sunlight, rain, and wind.

How long does it take for one person to try the virtual reality?

We usually discuss details with the client before an event and adjust the experience length based on the expected quantity of participants, schedule, and event concept. One try on virtual reality experience can be as short as 3 minutes, with 1-2 minutes to change players. The recommended time is 6-8 minutes per try, with 2-3 minutes in between to change a player and explain the VR controls.

Can we compete for the best winner in the virtual reality?

Two options exist: competing for the best time on one VR stand and connecting two or more VR stands via network. We usually advise competing for the best time on one VR stand; otherwise, sometimes another VR stand would be without usage, waiting for another person to finish the race. We can use multiple VR stands to clock the best time and send results to the RoarFun Grand Prize competition screen. Our support will take care about any competition.

Is it possible to stream action from the virtual reality experience? 

Yes, it is possible to stream live action from the VR experience simulator with two options. On-location offline streaming to the external screen located a maximum of 20 m from the event – the most reliable cable connection. The second option is online streaming to YouTube and Twitch platforms. We will come with 5G modems and a backup solution, but it always depends on the quality of the local mobile network.

I'm interested to rent VR. What option is best for my event?

Our 10+ years of experience will help you pick up the best virtual reality experience for your event. Please complete our magic form, providing all necessary event details to ensure we offer you the best solution. Alternatively, you can contact us via email and share specifics like the number of participants, age groups, predominant gender, event theme, and estimated budget. These details will help us prepare the best offer for you. We’re enthusiastic about fulfilling individual requests for any virtual reality requirement. We have executed special projects for Škoda, Mercedes, Audi, DHL. We are ready for new challenges!

What do I need to arrange for virtual reality hire?

You only need one ordinary 110/220V power outlet for the VR hire. We will take care of everything else – delivery, installation and support. No internet connection is required – virtual reality experiences work offline. Virtual reality is energy efficient with a maximum usage of 1.4KW per station in maximum configuration with a VR motion platform and an 85-inch screen.