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At RoarFun, we have 10+ years of experience providing modern entertainment for celebrations and birthday parties suitable for children, youth, and adults. We offer fantastic surprises for the 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays. We deliver entertainment anywhere in the EU.

Birthday Interactive Entertainment

Compared with traditional fun for celebrations, interactive entertainment attracts more people and brings memorable experiences. It is the best entertainment as a birthday surprise for men and women of all ages.

Birthday Entertainment that we deliver to your location anywhere

Add your birthday wishes and attract more visitors. ​Enjoy our racing, flight, sports, dance, and music interactive experiences. We will deliver and install the equipment for you, and RoarFun Wizards staff will support the entertainment during the event.

From small party to massive birthday event

Our customers range from private individuals to small and large companies, museums, municipalities, and regions. Select from our ready-made entertainment offerings for birthday celebrations, or contact us via e-mail, and we will gladly accommodate your specific requirements.

Portable birthday entertainment
for children and adults

Our entertainment for birthday events is available for standalone simulator rental or custom-prepared entertainment packages. It is easy to operate and suitable for children and adults. The entertainment equipment is portable, quick to set up, and fits into any space anywhere.

Create joyful moments for all birthday party participants

Make a truly unique birthday surprise and Get modern fun for your celebration. We believe in bringing our customers, colleagues, friends, and entire families closer together through shared joyful moments! Don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Pick FROM PACKAGEs or make your own

  • START 1 day
    +50% next day
    • 1x VR entertainment station
    • 1x Wizard support for your event
    • Upgrades are available
  • EXPERT 1 day
    +50% next day
    • 1x VR entertainment station
    • 1x Flying/Racing motion station
    • 2x Wizard support for your event
    • Upgrades are available
  • ULTRA 1 day
    +50% next day
    • 1x VR entertainment station
    • 2x Flying/Racing motion station
    • 1x Top Pilot screen + 3x trophies
    • 3x Wizard support for your event
    • Upgrades are available
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are from the UK, EU, UAE, USA, etc. Where do you offer delivery for birthday entertainment?

We have a great location to quickly deliver entertainment for birthday events anywhere in Europe, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Stuttgart Vienna, Milan, Prague, Munich, London, etc. Prices are calculated individually based on distance and delivery time. For some options, you can enjoy free delivery within the European Union. For countries outside of Europe, we use commercial delivery companies. Please contact us for a quote, and we will do our best to help.

How much does it cost to rent entertainment for a birthday party?

Entertainment rental prices for birthday parties start from €650 – and vary based on the equipment, location, and event time. We recommend at least the Expert selection for events with more than 50 visitors. For orders outside of the EU, taxes may apply. Please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with a non-binding calculation based on your requirements.

Will you also provide staff to support the equipment for a birthday party?

Yes, our staff will handle the birthday entertainment equipment setup, answer any questions, and help to organize a competition. Our entire team is fluent in English. For more details, please visit the page – RoarFun Wizards.

How much space does the entertainment for a birthday party need?

The space required depends on your selection and the number of screens. The smallest option for the birthday party event needs approximately 1.5×1.5 meters, while the Ultra 3Real option requires about 5×2.5 meters.

How long does it take for one person to try entertainment at a birthday celebration?

We usually discuss details with the client before a birthday celebration and adjust the experience length based on the expected number of participants, the schedule, and the birthday event concept. One try can be as short as 3 minutes, with 1-2 minutes to change players. The recommended time is 6-8 minutes per try for birthday entertainment with virtual reality, with 2-3 minutes in between to change a player and explain the controls.

Is it possible to stream action from the entertainment at birthday events?

Yes, it is possible to stream live action for any birthday entertainment. On-location offline streaming to the external screen located a maximum of 20 m from the equipment – the most reliable cable connection. The second option is online streaming to YouTube and Twitch platforms. We will come with 5G modems and a backup solution, but it always depends on the quality of the local mobile network. We can also use an onsite connection as a primary or backup solution.

We have a birthday party / anniversary celebration, etc., what option is best for my event?

Our 10+ years of experience will help you select the best entertainment for your birthday or anniversary celebration. Please complete a form providing all necessary event details to ensure we offer you the best solution. Alternatively, you can contact us via email and share specifics like the number of participants, age groups, predominant gender, event theme, and estimated budget. These details will help us prepare the best offer for you. We’re enthusiastic about fulfilling individual requests for any event. We have executed special projects for Škoda, Mercedes, Audi, DHL. We are eager to bring your unique vision to life, and we are ready for new challenges!

What do I need to arrange for the entertainment at the birthday event?

You only need to provide one ordinary 110/220V power outlet. We will take care of everything else. No internet connection is required – all our equipment for birthday events works offline. Equipment is energy efficient with a maximum usage of 1.5KW per station.