RoarFun Grand Prize

Compete for the Best

External screen up to 85-inch in size to display the best times, with the top 3 always staying at the top. RoarFun Grand Prize is running our software on an external PC to provide the best reliability. Available for all simulators, including flight and jet fighter experiences.
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The RoarFun Grand Prize comes with trophies for top 3 pilots. Add your logo and display the best times

Available for racing and flying experiences, your logo will be displayed for the duration of the event

Compete for the Best times. With WOW effect

  • START 1 day
    +50% next day
    • 65-inch screen
    • Competition PC
    • + €90 branding (optional)
    • + €50 3x trophies (optional)
  • EXPERT 1 day
    +50% next day
    • 75-inch screen
    • Competition PC
    • + €90 branding (optional)
    • + €50 3x trophies (optional)
  • ULTRA 1 day
    +50% next day
    • 85-inch screen
    • Competition PC
    • + €90 branding (optional)
    • + €50 3x trophies (optional)

RoarFun Grand Prize is available with:

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Check the RoarFun Grand Prize competition screens at the RoarFun ShowRoom


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rent the RoarFun Grand prize competition screen separately?

No, the RoarFun Grand prize competition screen comes only with our racing or flying experiences.

Will you also provide staff to run the RoarFun Grand prize competition screen?

Yes, our staff will handle the RoarFun grand prize setup, answer any questions, and help to organize a competition. Our entire team is fluent in English. For more details, please visit the page – RoarFun Wizards.

Can we use the RoarFun Grand prize competition screen for an outdoor event?

Yes, it is possible to use our RoarFun Grand Prize competition outside. For an outdoor event, please make sure you can provide adequate shelter, such as a tent or roof, to protect the equipment from direct sunlight, rain, and wind.