RoarFun Clients Santovka shopping center 10 years immersive racing and flying simulators with happy people.

For the Šantovka shopping mall’s tenth anniversary, we provided four racing and flying experiences: racing with 3Real Motion Formula Electric vs VR Formula Hybrid and flying with VR Motion Jet Fighter simulator vs VR Boeing flight simulator.

We placed 3Real screens to grab visitors’ attention and VR to provide the best fun. We placed simulators in different zones around a shopping mall. During an all-day event, our Wizard support accommodated exciting non-stop customers.

RoarFun Clients Santovka shopping mall 10 years immersive Formula E experience with happy people.
RoarFun Clients Santovka branding integrated to immersive Formula E experience with 10 year anniversary logo.

With RoarFun BrandMe, we integrated a 10th-anniversary logo into all racing and flying experiences – on the Monza racing track for Formula Electric and Hybrid, and on the aircraft exterior visible during flight controls introduction and loading screens.

Galerie Šantovka 10th anniversary gallery

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